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Mostly quotes I want to remember from books I've read. 

Under the Skin - Michel Faber
"‘Indispensable.’ It was a word people tended to resort to when dispensability was in the air."

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Source: http://www.terrysfabrics.co.uk/infographic/homes-of-classic-literature
The Secret History - Donna Tartt
"“It is easy to see things in retrospect. But I was ignorant then of everything but my own happiness, and I don’t know what else to say except that life itself seemed very magical in those days: a web of symbol, coincidence, premonition, omen. Everything, somehow, fit together; some sly and benevolent Providence was revealing itself by degrees and I felt myself trembling on the brink of a fabulous discovery, as though any morning it was all going to come together–my future, my past, the whole of my life–and I was going to sit up in bed like a thunderbolt and say oh! oh! oh!” "
The Complete Shorter Fiction of Virginia Woolf - Virginia Woolf, Susan Dick
""For a party makes things either much more real, or much less real.""
Geek Love - Katherine Dunn
“The truth is always an insult or a joke. Lies are generally tastier. We love them. The nature of lies is to please. Truth has no concern for anyone’s comfort.”"
The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins